Before I Die

Start an organization (for-profit, B corp, or non-profit) that is involved in a philanthropic capacity with at least one of the following issues/groups (In Progress):

  • Poverty
  • Economic / Reproductive Justice
  • Climate Change
  • Animal Welfare
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Criminal Rehabilitation

Donate bone marrow and/or stem cells

Open and co-run an animal sanctuary

See an Aurora — Borealis or Australis whichever

Visit this dog sanctuary in Costa Rica

Start a fund like Tiny Seed

Become a consistent mentor – Done

Become a consistent donor to at least three charities I care about – Done

Make at least one angel investment – In Progress

Become fluent in Tagalog (instead of the middling semi-but not-really-proficiency I have now) – In Progress

Become fluent in another language (Spanish?) – In Progress

Teach a university level course

Write a book

Product, Direct, or Screen-write a movie or documentary

Visit all of the cities in this list –In Progress

Visit Palau

Visit the Arctic

Visit Antartica

Visit Bhutan, Mongolia, and all the Central Asian countries ending in -stan (former and current)

Live outside of the United States for more than 2 years (cumulative)– In Progress

Visit an elephant sanctuary

Visit a sloth sanctuary

Visit this animal sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco

Obtain a degree primarily for the joy of learning and creating rather than vocation

Complete a five day fast – Done

Summit Denali

Summit Cotopaxi

Summit Kilimanjaro

Summit Fuji

Summit all Colorado 14ers – In Progress

Summit at least one Colorado winter 14er

Do a multi-day kayak trip

Complete at least one of the Triple Crown of Hiking trails